A Handmade Texas Tradition

Walk into our location in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards and it’s like a trip back in time. Hand-laid brick streets welcome your steps into a rough-hewn world of knotted pine, pressed tin ceilings and the unmistakable smell of leather. Thousands of handmade boots majestically placed toe to heel along time worn wooden shelves.

Every custom handmade boot owner has their page in M.L.Leddy’s celebrated history book. These books are actually old fashioned bank ledgers, where the individual foot measurements of more than 250,000 customers have been painstakingly recorded by hand. Footprints of people from all walks of life are on pages next to presidents, royalty and rock stars…and the common thread being that they are all wearing the finest fitting handmade boot in the world. The ledgers date back to the founding days of the company and continue to be used today. A hand written code inked inside the boot top allows us to trace each pair to it’s original owner.

M. L. Leddy's. Where history and tradition meet in unparalleled quality.

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